Then There Were Seven...

There was plenty to talk about at Belle Vue’s Christmas Cracker event on Thursday night (December 13) but one of the hottest topics of discussion concerned the club’s latest Premiership signings.

Director of Speedway Mark Lemon confirmed the clubs five remaining 2019 Aces who complete a dynamic and competitive septet: Steve Worrall, Dan Bewley, Dimitri Berge, Ricky Wells and Jaimon Lidsey.

WATCH: Now we introduce our final five riders who make up the Belle Vue Aces Class of 2019...

British duo Worrall and Bewley both return to the National Speedway Stadium looking to put an injury-ravaged campaign behind them and both are anxious to make a fresh start in Manchester.

After an impressive top-flight debut, Berge is looking forward to tackling his first full season in the top flight and is relishing the challenges that come with competing against the sport’s best.

And newcomers to the side Wells and Lidsey are hoping to impress on their Belle Vue debut, the former having been synonymous with Wolverhampton and the latter making his British debut with a Premiership plunge.

Club boss Mark Lemon said: “Building a competitive team is no easy feat and with so many options take into consideration. “I took my time trying finding a rounded team before settling on this 1-7”.

“I think we’ve achieved a great balance. On paper, it’s a solid line-up with a good variety of skills, strengths, experience and youth, I’m confident they’ll be as impressive in their on-track endeavours.

“We were robbed of the chance to see Steve and Dan complete a full season last year due to injury and that has been a huge motivator in their recovery efforts, and we’re delighted to have them back.

“Having spent majority of his top-flight career with Wolverhampton and most recently Leicester, Ricky is ready for a new challenge. He has a great deal of untapped potential which we hope he can draw out, and will provide a solid part of the top 5 make up.

“It’s a similar story with Dimitri. We’ve only seen a fraction of what he is capable, and I think he will develop and come on strong when starting his first full season in the Premiership campaign.”

“Jaimon who is well known to me, comes to us as a very talented youngster and will be an exciting inclusion to the team in his debut season in Britain.”

With the teams now complete supporters can look forward to plenty more Belle Vue news in the new year, including updates on the club’s flagship event: The Peter Craven Memorial.