Belle Vue Aces - Team-Building Update

Since the AGM last month, the Aces management have been working to build two competitive teams for the 2019 Premiership and National League campaigns, through the use of the club’s own assets, and those secured from other clubs and unattached riders. 

As team building is very much a numbers game, speedway fans and riders expect an element of movement and change from year to year due to the point limit restrictions. Teams also need to be sanctioned and approved by the BSPA to verify averages, which can sometimes take time to finalise. 

Given this, we’re aware that information can appear in the press and on social media from riders who have been informed by Belle Vue that they are not in the 2019 plans and the club supports their decision to make this information public so that they can secure a team place in another team in 2019.

Management also advise the BSPA and the riders’ parent clubs of their position on a rider and during the winter break the BSPA circulate a weekly list to all clubs to show a riders availability. 

Social media can often be very one sided and the club would like to place on record that Craig Cook, being an Edinburgh asset signed a one-year deal with the Aces in 2018. A telephone conversation was held with Craig on Monday 19th November to advise that he wasn’t to be in the Aces initial teams plans.

His name was then provided to the BSPA by his parent club and subsequently circulated on the BSPA rider available list. We are therefore somewhat surprised by recent comments on social media against the club. 

However, we do recognise that Craig has made a significant contribution to the Aces during his time with the club and wish to offer our sincere thanks to him. The management, staff and fans wish him every success for 2019 and beyond. 

Further updates on the Club’s teams for 2019 will be shared at a pre-Christmas fans event, to be held at the National Speedway Stadium on Thursday 13th December at 7.30pm and following that event the details will be released on the club’s social media channels. Event details can be found on