Eagles' Strike Negated

Fifteen heats and it all came down to one when Eastbourne forced National League leaders Belle Vue into a last-heat decider that ended with the Cool Running Colts snatching a 46-44 victory.

The evening had its share of drama which began in Heat 3 when Charlie Powell locked up in front of Joe Lawlor causing an unavoidable collision, resulting in a broken collarbone for the former.

And a gutsy move by Charlie Brooks in Heat 10, when he attempted to pass Tom Perry on the outside, caused him to clip the safety fence at speed, sending him plummeting onto the track.

Both were able to walk back to the pits under their own steam, and it was their misfortunes on which the Cool Running Colts capitalised to pull ahead and maintain a handy 6-point lead.

But the Forman IT Eagles were not prepared to settle for second and bounced back to tie proceedings with one heat to go, leaving Jack Smith and Kyle Bickley to finish the job.

Smith said: “We knew it was going to be a tough night against Eastbourne, but we can feel a real sense of accomplishment having beaten them because they are such a strong team.

“The track didn’t play in our favour as it usually does but it was the same for everyone and their riders seemed to like conditions very much. It definitely made our work a lot harder.

“With Ben [Woodhull] moving into the main team it did weaken us at reserve but every point scored from all the boys was vital in securing the win, and in that respect it was a job well done.”

It’s a big day for the Rentruck Aces on Monday, May 28 when they take on the Leicester Lions at the National Speedway Stadium at 12:00pm before heading to Beaumont Park later on a 7:30pm.

Tickets for this meeting, sponsored by the RRG Group, are available now at www.bellevueaces.co and at the stadium box office on race night.


Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts 46: Jack Smith 13, Kyle Bickley 12, Tom Perry 7, Ben Woodhull 6+2, Joe Lawlor 5+3, Kean Dicken 2, Ben Rathbone 1

Eastbourne ‘Forman IT’ Eagles 44: Mark Baseby 11, Jason Edwards 9+1, Georgie Wood 9, Tom Brennan 8, Charlie Brooks 5+2, Kelsey Dugard 2+2, Charley Powell 0

National League Points: Belle Vue 3 Eastbourne 1