Sharing Is Caring

To coincide with the start of the new season, Belle Vue launched their brand-new website as part of their continuing efforts to completely revamp the club’s image and further promote their brand.

Just one month after launching the club has already seen proof of its potential to draw in traffic, with over 51,000 unique visitors recording in excess of 151,000 page views across the whole site.

Stats such as these are encouraging to the management, who continue to focus on increasing Belle Vue’s online visibility; with nearly 8,000 of these logins coming from the Greater Manchester area.

Club CEO Adrian Smith said: “Updating the website has been high on our agenda for many months. A lot of work has gone into the finished product and I’m delighted with the public response to it.

“Our online presence is one of our most powerful assets. There is great value in a good-looking and easy to use website to help attract new followers and supporters of Belle Vue Speedway.

“It is clear from site traffic so far that people are at least aware of us, and so our next challenge is to translate this into increased foot traffic through the turnstiles of the National Speedway Stadium.”

And it’s not only the website through which the club is experiencing growth, having overtaken Poole with more than 11,200 Facebook likes, 13,000 Twitter followers and over 2600 Instagram followers.

Just recently, Dan Bewley’s Heat 15 exploits from Belle Vue v Rye House have been viewed over 15,000 times and reached over 35,000 people through the club’s official Facebook page.

It is another feather in the club’s cap, with Adrian Smith adding: “We have a lot more in the way of interactive content planned for our social media channels, and indeed the new website.

“Video provides extremely engaging content and we’ve seen proof of that through the response to Dan’s Heat 15 win. It shows the impact a 60-second clip can make through simply liking and sharing.

“We’re also in the process of re-launching our online shop to operate alongside our online ticket sales and through our social media. We hope to bring further updates in the not too distant future.”