Colts Pursuing Points

The Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts head to Leicester this Sunday, July 1 where they’re targeting a big performance against Coventry in their ongoing quest to retain the National League top spot. 

Consecutive wins for Birmingham in recent weeks has seen their emphatic dominance of the table cut to just 1 point, with the Brummies challenging the league leaders for that coveted first place. 

The Europress Bess have been equally impressive since their league campaign got underway, currently sitting third in the table with a win likely to bolster their top four comfort zone. 

But both sides are missing riders with Kyle Bickey on duty in the Championship while Tom Woolley deputises for Ben Woodhull, and home man Danny Phillips out with concussion. 

Club No.1 Tom Perry said: “There’s no describing our disappointment at losing to Birmingham, but it’s highlighted just how important it is for us not to be dropping points unnecessarily. 

“Matches like Coventry are just such a meeting where we can’t afford to come away with nothing, but they’re a strong team at home so we need to be firing right from Heat 1 to have a chance. 

“We’re not behind the door for having our strengths away from home though and we’ve proved we’re capable of taking points away from these meetings, so we’ve just got to stay focused.” 

The Rentruck Aces are on the road to Poole this Wednesday, July 4 before returning home to Manchester on Monday, July 9 against the reigning league champions the Swindon Robins. 

Tickets for the Premiership home fixture are now available at and at the stadium box office on race night. 


Coventry ‘Europress’ Bees: Connor Mountain, Danny Phillips R/R, Luke Ruddick, Luke Harris, Jon Armstrong, Ryan MacDonald, Jamie Halder; TM: Martyn Macdonald

Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts: Jack Smith, Kyle Bickley R/R, Tom Woolley (G), Joe Lawlor, Tom Perry, Paul Bowen, Kean Dicken; TM: Steve Williams & Graham Goodwin