Dan Bewley - Update

Following his crash at Workington on Saturday evening Dan Bewley has now had all of his currently planned operations and is now recovering well in Carlisle Infirmary. 

Doctors are very pleased with how everything went. His injuries are confirmed as a broken left femur (in five places), a broken upper right arm and a broken left wrist. 

After being in theatre for seven hours on Sunday he has been 'pinned and plated' and the doctors are looking to get him up on his feet for the first time within the next 24 hours. 

Dan's spirits remain high and he thanks everyone for their messages of support. 

Dan's family have politely asked that, although everyone is obviously concerned as to his welfare, that they refrain from contacting the hospital to enquire about his condition. 

On behalf of Dan and his family we thank-you all for your continued support. 

Statement issued by Workington Speedway at 15:00hrs, Monday 27th August

NOTE: Belle Vue Speedway will be holding a collection for Dan at their next Premiership home meeting so please dig deep and spare whatever you can towards his recovery fund.