Not in the Stars

A breath-taking night of speedway culminated in a last-gasp 44-46 victory for the King’s Lynn Stars despite a valiant performance from Belle Vue to keep the visitors at bay in Manchester.

Track conditions were on the grippy side and produced an extremely fast circuit for the riders to work with, with several putting in times of less than 60 seconds in the opening stages.

The Rentruck Aces had commanded the action right down to the wire after negating several attempts by the Tru Plant Stars to take control of the meeting earlier on in the evening.

The difference was merely 2 points going into Heat 15, with the Belle Vue pairing of Dan Bewley and Rohan Tungate throwing everything at King’s Lynn to try to prevent a loss on home turf.

Bewley was in stunning form for the home team, raking in 11+2 and dropping just 2 points all night while Tungate added a credible 10 to the Rentruck Aces’ tally and Max Fricke recording 9.

Bewley said: “Of course we’re disappointed. It’s tough to find the words because, ultimately, we didn’t do enough to get the win. We expected King’s Lynn to be tough but we were so close.

“The track was riding a lot quicker than we’ve ever seen it before and even despite the result, it produced some fantastic racing and a great spectacle for the fans so that was a big positive.

“But it’s even more critical now that we go down there and put in a big performance and come away with some points. It wasn’t ideal for us to lose on Monday but that’s speedway sometimes.

“We have more than enough incentive. Every team is strong but we know we have the capabilities and the firepower to push for the play offs. We’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

The Rentruck Aces head to King’s Lynn this Wednesday, August 8 with speedway action continuing in Manchester on August 15 with the Belle Vue Colts against the Kent Kings.

Tickets for the National League home meeting now available online at and at the stadium box office on race night.


Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces 44: Dan Bewley 11+2, Rohan Tungate 10, Max Fricke 9, Craig Cook 6, Damian Drozdz 3+2, Mark Riss 3+1, Steve Worrall 2+1

King’s Lynn ‘Tru Plant’ Stars 46: Niels-Kristian Iversen 15+1, Robert Lambert 11+1, Michael Palm Toft 6+2, Erik Riss 5+2, Ty Proctor 5+1, Simon Lambert 3, Thomas Jorgensen 1+1

Premiership Points: Belle Vue 0 King’s Lynn 3