Worrall: "We'll Do It For Dan"

Belle Vue No.3 Steve Worrall has urged fans to turn out in force for their Premiership clash with Somerset on Wednesday, September 5 when they hope to consolidate their top four position.

A home win against Wolves and a consolation point at Monmore Green has kept the Rentruck Aces in contention for the Play Offs, with this match their penultimate before the Semi-Finals.

Losses for Wolverhampton in recent days have put their medal hunt in jeopardy, meaning it’s now a three-way battle between the Wolves, Swindon and Belle Vue for the final qualification spot.

The Rebels are as good as secure in second place but remain determined to try and bump King’s Lynn off top spot, though the Stars have several matches in hand over their closest rivals.

Worrall says he is confident his side has the ability and ambition to deliver the result they’re after, and that they have added incentive to bring home the win for injured team mate Dan Bewley.

He said: “Dan’s been such a big part of this team and to lose him at the final hurdle is a setback. We know how much he wants to be here with us so hopefully we can pull off the win for him.

“Somerset have got riders who like to ride our track, and ride it well. But the team has really started to click and we’re in good form, and we know we have the capabilities to perform big.

“It doesn’t feel like there’s pressure on us. We’ve proved we can handle ourselves in these do-or-die situations and I actually believe we thrive off that, and that it brings out the best in the boys.

“We’re going to go into this as we do every meeting. We need to stay calm and maintain focus, and with the drive that we have to succeed in the Premiership I see no reason why we can’t win.”

The Rentruck Aces round off their away meetings with a visit to Swindon on Thursday, September 6 before the Cool Running Colts take on the Isle of Wight at home on Friday, September 7.

Tickets for both home meetings are now available online at www.bellevueaces.co and at the stadium box office on race night.


Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces: Craig Cook, Dan Bewley R/R, Steve Worrall, Rohan Tungate, Max Fricke (C), Dimitri Bergé, Mark Riss; TM: Mark Lemon

Somerset ‘Cases’ Rebels: Jason Doyle (C), Bradley Wilson-Dean, Nico Covatti, Richard Lawson, Jack Holder, Jake Allen, Aaron Summers; TM: Garry May