2019 Fixtures Released!

Anticipation for the fast-approaching British Speedway season is mounting with the release of the official 2019 fixture lists for both the Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces and the ‘Cool Running’ Colts. 

And the club kick things off with a bang with a visit from Peterborough to launch their Premiership home campaign on April 4, closely followed by Stoke in the National League on April 19. 

Speedway action returns to Manchester in two months!

Speedway action returns to Manchester in two months!

Plus, there’s a host of high-profile individual meetings destined for Manchester, including the Peter Craven Memorial, the FIM Monster Energy Speedway of Nations and the FIM Team U21 World Championships.

ISLB-agreed race nights mean Belle Vues Premiership meetings will commit mostly to Monday-night racing with some Thursdays thrown in, while National League action now moves to Thursday nights.

Belle Vue CEO Adrian Smith has welcomed the more consistent calendar, citing the lack of fixture clashes with other leagues as a major boost to the speedway product in Manchester.

He said: “The release of the fixtures brings us one step closer to the beginning of the season, and we’ve worked hard with the other clubs to create a calendar that will not short-change supporters.

“Moving our National League meetings from a Friday to a Thursday means there will be much less probability of rider conflicts with Championship and Premiership league racing.

“And by concentrating on Monday and Thursday race nights, this provides for more consistency for our two teams and a routine for our loyal supporters to plan their diaries

“We’re very excited for the season ahead. We have two very capable teams challenging for league silverware as well as other prestigious meetings planned for the National Speedway Stadium”.

The full fixture lists for the Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces and ‘Cool Running’ Colts can be found on our fixtures page