Palin Shines, But Colts Fall Short

There’s work to do for the Belle Vue Colts after they had to settle for second-best at Leicester, but team boss Graham Goodwin praised the efforts of his side as “unwavering to the end.”

Early doors, the Cool Running Colts kept things uncomfortably close and their hosts sweating at every opportunity as they kept the pressure on and were as little as 5 points behind after 10 races.

But the Cubs found their mojo in the closing stages of the night and edged out their rivals by 13 points to send them home to Manchester empty-handed, with the final scores standing at 51-38.

Jordan Palin continued his brilliant start to the season with 12+1 at Leicester

Jordan Palin continued his brilliant start to the season with 12+1 at Leicester

Barring a fall in his second ride, Jordan Palin added to a maximum haul in Thursday night’s British Youth Championship by top-scoring for the Cool Running Colts with an impressive 12+1 points.

And guest Tom Perry, an ex-rider for the Colts, proved an invaluable choice as stand-in for Kyle Bickley, who followed up with 11 points while Ben Wilson, also guesting, added 6 to their tally.

Team boss Graham Goodwin said: “The racing was much closer than the scores would suggest. Of course, the lads were disappointed but it’s a tough place to come and Leicester are a strong team.

“We couldn’t fault any of them for effort. Danny [Phillips] had some rotten luck touching the tapes in his first two rides but he was a trooper as captain and was always encouraging the lads.

“Jordan [Palin] was simply exceptional. He bounced back from a fall with no detrimental effects and went on to dominate the scores. He’s a brilliant young rider and one to watch for the future.

“We’re not concerned with the result. It’s our second away meeting and the fact that we spent two-thirds of the night right on their tail is a great achievement and we’re more than satisfied with that.”

The Cool Running Colts resume their home campaign on Thursday, May 23 against the Plymouth Gladiators after the Rentruck Aces take on the Swindon Robins in Manchester on May 20.

Tickets for both home meetings are available at the stadium box office on race night, or secure yours today at


Leicester ‘Roger Webster’ Cubs 51: Ellis Perks 12, Danyon Hume 11+1, Joe Thompson 10+1, Luke Ruddick 8, Dan Thompson 7+3, Ryan MacDonald 3, Jamie Halder R/R

Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts 38: Jordan Palin 12+1, Tom Perry (G) 11, Ben Wilson (G) 6, Danny Phillips 5, Ben Woodhull 2, Ben Rathbone 1+1, Sam Woolley 1

National League Points: Leicester 3 Belle Vue 0