Rapid Response Required

Belle Vue have their sights set on victory when they journey to Poole on the Dorset coast on Thursday, June 27 where they hope to get back on winning ways after two difficult weeks. 

The Rentruck Aces currently cling to top spot in the Premiership table, but know they need a big result at Wimborne Road to put some distance between themselves and their pursuing rivals. 

The No.1 Carpet Cleaning Pirates were boosted by an emphatic win over Wolverhampton last week and hope to get one up on Belle Vue before the two sides meet in Manchester on July 1. 

Aces boss Mark Lemon has called for a rapid response from his side after they suffered back-to-back defeats at Swindon and King’s Lynn, stating they can’t afford to keep sacrificing away points. 

Poole forced the Rentruck Aces into a 45-45 draw in their last encounter in Manchester

Poole forced the Rentruck Aces into a 45-45 draw in their last encounter in Manchester

He continued: “We simply weren’t good enough at King’s Lynn and that is something that needs to change when we’re away, and fast. We can’t rely on home form alone to win the league title. 

“The boys have already demonstrated they can win away fixtures, but at minimum we should be taking at least a point from these places. I need to see all the boys perform to their full potential. 

“We can’t settle for anything less than that at Poole. They are strong at Wimborne Road and will no doubt fancy their chances, so we will need to be equally strong to get the result we want.” 

The Rentruck Aces face Poole in Manchester on Monday, July 1, tapes up at 7:30pm. Tickets are available at the stadium on race night, or online at www.bellevue-speedway.com.

Plus, all entrants will receive a £5-off voucher for any future meeting during the 2019 season.


Poole ‘No.1 Carpet Cleaning’ Pirates: Jack Holder, Richie Worrall. Nicolai Klindt, Josh Grajczonek (C), Brady Kurtz, Nico Covatti, Nicolai Busk Jackobsen; TM: Neil Middleditch

Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces:Max Fricke (C), Dimitri Bergé, Dan Bewley, Steve Worrall, Kenneth Bjerre, Ricky Wells, Jaimon Lidsey; TM: Mark Lemon