Colts Take The Spoils

Jordan Palin secured yet another 15-point maximum on a night where the Belle Vue Colts triumphed against the Cradley Heathens, securing 3 league points and bolstering their top four position.

The Cool Running Colts led for the majority of the meeting, establishing their lead in with a crucial 5-1 in Heat 4 courtesy of Palin and team skipper Kyle Bickley from which they never looked back. 

But their hosts were not about to make life easy and closed the gap to within 2 points with just two heats to go, but there would be no denying the men from Manchester their first away points. 

Jordan Palin stormed to a 15-point maximum at Cradley, unbeaten by any opposing rider.

Jordan Palin stormed to a 15-point maximum at Cradley, unbeaten by any opposing rider.

Palin and guest Arran Butcher paved the way for the final 48-42 score with a significant 4-2 in the penultimate race, with Bickley and Leon Flint finishing the job in a dramatic Heat 15.

Team boss Graham Goodwin said: “This was a meeting where we were targeting points, but the result was even better than expected. The lads did fantastically well and got what they deserved.

“Cradley were tough opponents. They kept us honest and made us fight for every point, and it was a great meeting for the lads to really put themselves to the test and see just what they’re capable of.

“It does strengthen our position in the table but there’s still a long way to go yet. The boys are starting to click and the atmosphere in the pits is brilliant. We’re delighted with how they rode.

“It was a tough night for Ben Rathbone but even despite failing to score he was getting stuck in, helping the lads and playing his part. We couldn’t have asked for more from him or any of them.”

The Cool Running colts return to Manchester next Monday, June 10 against the Mildenhall Fen Tigers. Tickets available at, tapes up at 7:30pm.


Cradley ‘Anchor Logistics’ Heathens 42: Max Clegg 14, Dan Halsey 9, Jack Smith 6, Tom Spencer 5, Harry McGurk 4+2, Luke Harris 3+2, Lewis Whitmore 1.

Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts 48: Jordan Palin 15, Kyle Bickley 11+2, Leon Flint 9, Danny Phillips 8, Ben Woodhull 3+2, Arran Butcher 2, Ben Rathbone 0

National League Points: Cradley 0 Belle Vue 3