Claws Out!

The Belle Vue Colts have a new No.1 in the form of Jordan Palin for their National League home clash with Mildenhall this Monday, June 10 as the new averages bring about a significant team shuffle.

Ben Woodhull drops to reserve with our new signing, Connor Bailey, while Ben Rathbone jumps up and into the No.4 spot and Danny Phillips moves from heat leader to No.2, teaming up with Palin.

It will certainly make for some interesting programmed match-ups against the Fen Tigers, who race only their third league meeting of the season at the NSS after taking on Cradley the previous day.

But they come to Manchester a s a 6-man team with the absence of club No.5 Jason Edwards, who is currently sitting his GCSE examinations. Mildenhall will operate Rider Replacement for him.

VIDEO: Hayley Bromley reviews the recent riding-order shake-up for the Cool Running Colts

The new riding order, while significant, won’t change the team dynamic, says Colts boss Steve Williams, adding: “It has been a big shake-up but we’re confident the boys will take it in their stride.

“We’re looking forward to seeing what Connor Bailey can do. He is a very highly-rated youngster whom we’re confident will flourish in the National League and hopefully well beyond that.

“We would’ve liked to keep Jordan lower down the pecking order for a bit longer, but he’s been so strong in the early season he has to go to No.1 with his new average so it’s a big night for him.

“But partnering him with Danny Phillips should hopefully take the pressure off him. We’ve got the personnel we need to do the job against Mildenhall, and we do anticipate a challenge from them.

“They’ve got some good riders in their side, like Danny Ayres and David Wallinger, who like riding our track, but provided we stay focused on our own game plan there’s no reason we can’t triumph.

Jordan Palin moves up to No.1 for Belle Vue’s clash with Mildenhall on an average of 9.45 from 2.00

Jordan Palin moves up to No.1 for Belle Vue’s clash with Mildenhall on an average of 9.45 from 2.00

Tapes go up at 7:30pm for this National League clash on June 10, with Premiership action soon to follow on Thursday, June 13 when the Rentruck Aces take on the Peterborough Panthers.

Tickets for both home meetings are now available online at, and at the stadium box office on race night.


Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts:Jordan Palin, Danny Phillips, Leon Flint, Ben Rathbone, Kyle Bickley, Connor Bailey, Ben Woodhull; TM: Steve Williams & Graham Goodwin

Mildenhall ‘Manchetts’ Fen Tigers:Danny Ayres, Matt Marson, David Wallinger, Charlie Brooks, Jason Edwards R/R, Elliot Kelly, Macauley Leek; TM: Malcolm Vasey & Phil Kirk