Ready For A Reboot

Belle Vue boast a full complement of riders when they return to the National Speedway Stadium this Monday, July 22 where they aim to fend off the challenge of the Isle of Wight Warriors.

Their scheduled trip to Plymouth on Friday ended with an early postponement after heavy rain washed out any hope of a meeting, and the Cool Running Colts are eager to crack on.

They currently sit fifth in the National League table, a mere 4 points behind the Warriors at the top, but they have the advantage of matches in hand, three to be exact, to make up that deficit.

And with those matches coming thick and fast over the next few weeks, team boss Steve Williams says his boys need to be on point to ensure their place in the top four.

The Cool Running Colts triumphed 50-40 when the two sides met in Manchester

The Cool Running Colts triumphed 50-40 when the two sides met in Manchester

He said: “The aim is always to come away, at minimum, with a point but at home we should never be aiming for less than a win, and the boys have shown they are quite capable of doing that 

“It’s great to have the full team back together. We’re not underestimating the Isle of Wight but they are a force to be reckoned with and we’re confident they have the skills to do a great job for us. 

“We’re in a great position to challenge for the top four. We have quite a few matches in hand which means plenty of points on offer, so now is the time for us to capitalise and make use of the time.” 

The Cool Running Colts have a busy weekend next week as they make their way to Stoke on July 27 after facing the Isle of Wight Warriors at the National Speedway Stadium on Monday, July 22. 

And the Manchester Racing Academy Series takes centre stage after Monday’s home fixture, continuing the club’s newest youth initiative with a field of enthusiastic youngster.

Tickets for the home meeting are available online at, and at the stadium box office on race night.


Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts:Jordan Palin 9.45, Danny Phillips 7.29, Leon Flint 8.55, Ben Rathbone 3.47, Kyle Bickley (C) 8.39, Connor Bailey 2.00, Woodhull 3.06; TM: Steve Williams & Graham Goodwin

Isle of Wight ‘Wightlink’ Warriors:Georgie Wood 9.80, Chad Wirtzfield 3.79, Scott Campos 4.50, Danno Verge 6.75, Ben Morley (C) 9.52, Chris Widman 2.77, Connor King 3.47; TM: Kevin Shepherd


Line-Up: Arran Butcher, Kean Dicken, Josh Embleton, Luke Muff, Ben Rathbone, Sheldon Davies, Danny Woodward, Luke Whitehead