Stoking The Fire

Belle Vue travel to Stoke on Saturday, July 27 where they hope to continue the momentum of their National League season after a strong start to their campaign, and they still have matches in hand. 

Their most recent win at home against the Isle of Wight has instilled a sense of confidence in the Cool Running Colts, who have lost only two meetings since March; at Leicester and Kent. 

But team boss Graham Goodwin insists that their previous record against the Potters – whom they defeated 63-27 in Manchester – is irrelevant to their performance at their Loomer Road home. 

Belle Vue will be without Connor Bailey and Kyle Bickley, who are on duty with Glasgow, with Jack Smith and Joe Thompson coming in as their one-off replacement in a bid to bolster the team. 

The Colts are currently fourth in the table, despite having raced fewer matches than their rivals

The Colts are currently fourth in the table, despite having raced fewer matches than their rivals

Goodwin said: “It’s been frustrating for us as fixtures have been in short supply since the start of the year. But things are picking up now. There are no easy meetings and Stoke are no exception. 

“But the boys have been exemplary in all of their meetings and their results have filled them with confidence. But, crucially, they’ve been having fun and that is more than evident in how they ride. 

“We’ve had one fantastic result against the potters this year, but Saturday is a completely different kettle of fish. Their track is very different to ours, so we need to remain focused on our game plan. 

“This is the closest things to a local derby for us so I’m sure both sides will be gunning for it, and as long as the boys do the best they can to the best of their ability, I’m sure the result will reflect that.” 

The 2019 ‘Sports Insure’ British Final returns to Manchester’s National Speedway Stadium on Monday, July 29 when the best of British go into battle for the right to call himself champion. 

Tickets available online at and at the stadium box office on race night. 


Stoke ‘A. R. Richards’ Potters: Drew Kemp (G) 8.60, Shelby Rutherford 4.19, David Wallinger (G) 7.33, Luke Priest 4.84, Connor Coles 6.78, Kieran Douglas 2.00, Joe Alcock 3.20; TM: Adam Isherwood 

Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts: Jordan Palin 9.45, Danny Phillips 7.29, Leon Flint 8.55, Ben Rathbone 3.47, Jack Smith (G) 8.39, Joe Thompson (G) 2.00, Ben Woodhull 3.06; TM: Graham Goodwin & Steve Williams