Charles Wright - 2019 British Champion

Charles Wright is the 2019 British Champion, Danny King finished 2nd with Craig Cook 3rd.

QUALIFYING SCORERS: Danny King 14, Craig Cook 12, Chris Harris 11, Charles Wright 11, Steve Worrall 11, Lewis Kerr 8, Rory Schlein 8, Richard Lawson 7, Josh Auty 7, Scott Nicholls 6, Edward Kennett 6, Danny Ayres 6, Paul Starke 6, Dan Bewley 3 (withdrawn), Kyle Newman 3, Simon Lambert 1, Kyle Bickley (res) 0, Leon Flint (res) 0.

SEMI-FINAL: 1st Charles Wright, 2nd Chris Harris, 3rd Steve Worrall, 4th Lewis Kerr.

GRAND FINAL: 1st Charles Wright, 2nd Danny King, 3rd Craig Cook, 4th Chris Harris.

Report to follow