Peter Craven Suite Remodelling Works

The weather forecast looks great for tonight's Belle Vue 'Rentruck' Aces meeting against Swindon. Hope to see you all this evening.

For those supporters that use the Peter Craven Suite before, during and after the race meeting, you will probably notice that the Peter Craven suite is currently undergoing some important remodelling works.

The works are creating a more functional work space so that the suite can be split into four separate work spaces as well as continue as a full function suite. This will benefit the stadium operator and also assist the stadium's other main user (UCFB) with teaching space for this student when they return in mid September for the 2020 academic year. Further works will take place in the concourse and within the two Kiosks which will help increase the catering options going forward.

During the remodelling, our supporters should not be inconvenienced by the works but we do ask you to bear with us while the works are ongoing.