Keep the Ball Rolling!

There’s no time to take stock of their recent trip to Kent as the Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts head to the Isle of Wight in pursuit of more National League points in their second meeting in 48 hours.

The Cool Running Colts tasted success on the south-east coast after stealing a point from the Kings, and now they hope to go one better when they land at Smallbrook Stadium to face the Warriors. 

The two sides have already met in Manchester earlier this year, and it was Belle Vue who took the spoils from that encounter; a feat they hope to repeat on the island to complete the double.

Jamie Sealey joins the visitors temporarily at reserve in place of Ben Woodhull, who is absent due to family commitments, while Danyon Hume stands in for Isle of Wight No.1 Georgie Wood.

Connor Bailey continues to impress for the Cool Running Colts

Connor Bailey continues to impress for the Cool Running Colts

Team boss Steve Williams said: “We’ve got a challenging night ahead of us. Every team you meet always has the edge on their home track, and that’s as true about the Warriors as everyone else.

“Danyon Hume is a smart choice of guest on their behalf. He’s a track specialist on the island so I don’t believe that’ll weaken them, but it also doesn’t change our game plan for the night. 

“We’ll approach this as we do every meeting and as long as the guys pull together and keep last places to a minimum then there’s no reason why we can’t get at least a point or more from this.”

Two significant meetings coming up for the Rentruck Aces, who head to King’s Lynn on Thursday, August 22 before they welcome the Stars back to Manchester on Bank Holiday Monday, August 26.

Tapes up at the earlier time of 12:00pm. Tickets available at the stadium box office on race day, or online at


Isle of Wight ‘Wightlink’ Warriors: Danyon Hume (G) 9.47, Chad Wirtzfeld 3.77, Scott Campos 4.62, Danno Verge 6.18, Ben Morley 9.14, Connor King 3.25, Chris Widman 2.96; TM: Jackie Vatcher

Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts: Kyle Bickley (C), Ben Rathbone 3.58, Jordan Palin 8.92, Danny Phillips 7.64, Leon Flint 9.20, Jamie Sealey (G) 3.00, Connor Bailey 2.00; TM: Steve Williams & Graham Goodwin