It's Derby Day!

It’s been a busy week for Belle Vue and it’s not over yet as the Cool Running Colts get set for their local derby at Stoke this Saturday, August 24 where more National League points are up for grabs. 

The two sides met at the National Speedway Stadium earlier this season where the men from Manchester dominated throughout and they’re hoping to replicate that form at Loomer Road. 

The Potters desperately need points as the play offs draws closer, while a win for the Cool Running Colts would bump them back into the top four ahead of their home clash with Cradley next week. 

They managed to scrape a point from their visit to Kent on Monday, although they just missed out at the Isle of Wight the next day, and team boss Steve Williams says they’re keen to add to their tally. 

A win at Stoke could put the Cool Running Colts back into the top four…

A win at Stoke could put the Cool Running Colts back into the top four…

He said: “With Buxton out of the National League this meeting has the added spice of being our local derby and I’m confident the boys will up their game to get the result we know they’re capable of. 

“In that respect, it would be a great feeling to get one over Stoke but realistically we’ll approach this as we normally would; with the aim of getting as many points on the board as e possibly can.

“It’s a shame that we lose Leon [Flint] to championship duties but Ben Morley is a consistent performer and has gone well around Stoke before now so for us he was the obvious choice to guest. 

“They will be a touch team at home, but a win would set us up nicely for our next couple of home meetings, but we’re not putting pressure on the lads because we already know they’ll do their best.” 

The Rentruck Aces welcome King’s Lynn back to Manchester this coming bank holiday Monday, August 26 for their final home league meeting before the Play Offs kick off in September. 

Tickets are available at the stadium box office on race day, or online at 


Stoke A.R. Richards Potters: Tom Perry (C) 8.67, Shelby Rutherford 3.78, Dan Thompson (G) 7.00, Luke priest 5.12, Connor Coles 7.18, Kieran Douglas 2.00, Joe Alcock 3.78; TM: Adam Isherwood 

Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts: Kyle Bickley (C) 9.47, Ben Rathbone 3.58, Jordan Palin 8.92, Danny Phillips 7.64, Ben Morley (G) 9.20, Ben Woodhull 3.24, Connor Bailey 2.00; TM: Graham Goodwin & Steve Williams