Cradley A Crucial Clash

Belle Vue’s National League side are keen to keep the positive momentum going when they return to action at the National Speedway Stadium tomorrow, August 29, when they face the Cradley Heathens.

Their trip to Monmore Green earlier this year was a feather in their cap, after claiming a big away win over the visitors, and their recent victory at Stoke has given them a huge confidence boost. 

Connor Bailey’s meteoric debut for the Cool Running Colts has reached new heights with the release of the new averages, and he steps into the main body of the team for the first time this Thursday. 

Meanwhile Cradley are missing Tom Spencer from their line up, who is side-lined due to injury, leaving them to operate rider replacement at No.2, while their hosts remain at full strength.

Skipper Kyle Bickley says “confidence is high” after the team’s recent away win at Stoke

Skipper Kyle Bickley says “confidence is high” after the team’s recent away win at Stoke

Team skipper Kyle Bickley said: “Confidence is quite high amongst the boys right now. Our away win at weekend boosted everyone after the run of bad luck we had at Kent and the Isle of Wight.

“This is a must-win match for us, though, if we want to remain in the top four. We know we’re capable of beating Cradley because we’ve done it before, and we did it at their own track. 

“We’re not complacent about this meeting though. Max Clegg is a strong rider and Jack Smith knows our place very well. But I think if we can all pull together, we can get the result we need.” 

The Cool Running Colts round off their league home meetings on Monday, September 2 when they face the Mildenhall Fen Tigers in their re-scheduled National League clash in Manchester.

Then, the Rentruck Aces prepare to face Swindon on September 12 in the highly-anticipated Premiership Supporters’ Cup Final, from which the aggregate winner will take the coveted title.

Tickets for both home meetings are now available online at, or at the stadium box office on race night. 


Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts: Kyle Bickley (C) 9.47, Connor Bailey 7.60, Jordan Palin 8.92, Danny Phillips 7.64, Leon Flint 9.20, Ben Rathbone 3.58, Ben Woodhull 3.24; TM: Steve Williams & Graham Goodwin

Cradley ‘Anchor Logistics’ Heathens: Max Clegg (C) 10.15, Tom Spencer R/R, Luke Harris 5.13, Dan Halsey 7.22, Jack Smith 6.96, Sheldon Davies 3.00, Harry McGurk 2.38; TM: Will Pottinger