The Final Battle

The Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces Class of 2019 take to the track at Manchester’s National Speedway Stadium for one final time this season on September 12 for the ultimate end-of-year clash. 

League leaders Swindon make the journey north for leg one of the Premiership Supporters Cup Final, the return fixture of which takes place next Thursday at the Abbey Stadium. 

Despite a valiant performance at Peterborough, the Rentruck Aces just missed out on getting into the Play Offs by a single point; but they can still claim silverware this year. 

They were dominant in their qualification into the Supporters Cup Final, and they have gas in the tank, and a big point to prove, ahead of their last home appearance of the year. 

Both teams go into battle at full strength, and team boss Mark Lemon anticipates an all-or-nothing encounter from both teams. He said: “Our first and only intention is to win. 

There will be no holding back as the Rentruck Aces make their last stand in the Premiership Supporters Cup

There will be no holding back as the Rentruck Aces make their last stand in the Premiership Supporters Cup

“Missing out on the play offs by one point is still tough to take, given the amount of work we put in to try and make it happen, so we want to make sure all that work wasn’t in vain. 

“Swindon are top of the league and gunning for a title, but it’s up to us to make sure we win the only other piece of silverware that is up for grabs for the Premiership clubs.” 

“This is a very capable Aces team that found it’s form and have everything to fight for the Cup.” 

There’s still plenty of Speedway action to come before the campaign closes, with the Cool Running Colts continuing their pursuit of the National League KOC title on September 18. 

They face Cradley at the National Speedway Stadium in leg two of their Knock Out Cup Semi-Final while they await confirmation of their place, and rivals, in the 2019 play offs. 

Tickets for both home meetings are now available at, or at the stadium box office on race night. 


Belle Vue ‘Rentruck’ Aces: Max Fricke (C) 8.69, Steve Worrall 5.61, Dan Bewley 6.19, Jaimon Lidsey 4.68, Kenneth Bjerre 8.04, Dimitri Bergé 4.00, Jye Etheridge 4.12; TM: Mark Lemon 

Swindon ‘CFS Filtration’ Robins: Jason Doyle (C) 8.93, Adam Ellis 6.45, Troy Batchelor 8.37, Rasmus Jensen 7.70, Tobiasz Musielak 6.38, Ellis Perks 3.00, Claus Vissing 4.43; TM: Alun Rossiter