No Rest For The Wicked

The Belle Vue Colts commence a very busy run of fixtures over the coming week with a trip south to Plymouth tonight for their final National League fixture before the Play Offs kick off next month.

The Cool Running Colts have already secured their place in the top four after consistently strong performances, but they are still targeting a big performance on the south coast nonetheless.

The Gladiators are well out of contention for the league, but there will be no form of complacency from the men from Manchester as they look to send a message to their title contending rivals.

And the Cool Running Colts are also in the hunt for KOC silverware, with their two-leg semi-final against Cradley coming up next week, the home leg of which takes place on September 18.


Team boss Steve Williams said: “It’s a very busy time for us at the minute, but to end the season with so much going on is proof to us that we’ve achieved what we set out to achieve.

“The Play Offs was our main aim and we’ve successfully qualified for the top four, but we’re not about to take our foot off the gas. Now is the time when every extra lap becomes vital.

“Plymouth will be out to prove themselves and we’re not about to treat them with any less respect than we would the league leaders. They do have a good side who can pull off big performances.

“We just need to continue on as we have done all season. The goal remains the same, and while there’s points on offer we’ll be battling hard to take as many of them as we can.

The Cool Running Colts take control of the National Speedway Stadium as they look forward to their KOC semi-final against the Cradley Heathens next Wednesday, September 18.

And their spot in the National League Play Offs is all but confirmed as they wait to find out the remaining three qualifying teams each vying for the 2019 league title.

Tickets for their home meeting are now available online at, or at the stadium box office on race night.


Plymouth ‘Jarvis Nuclear’ Gladiators: Ben Wilson 8.87, Adam Shepherd R/R 3.33, Richard Andrews 6.60, Tom Young 5.91, Nathan Stoneman 7.48, Kris Andrews 2.00, Jamie Bursill 2.53; TM: Matt Bates

Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts: Drew Kemp (G) 8.53, Connor Bailey R/R 7.68, Jordan Palin 8.43, Danny Phillips 6.97, Leon Flint (C) 8.23, Ben Rathbone 3.06, Ben Woodhull 3.29; TM: Steve Williams & Graham Goodwin