AGM Round-Up - Part 1

British Speedway is like a big container ship in the sea. That is the analogy which Belle Vue CEO Adrian Smith has applied to the nature of change currently underway with the sport in the UK.

Along with Director of Speedway Mark Lemon, the club bosses were encouraged by the outcome of the recent AGM and are confident it marks the start of constructive development in the sport.

But while supporters can’t expect to see an overnight transformation, they can expect to find a much more open governing body driven to move the sport towards a sustainable future.

CEO Adrian Smith said: “From our point of view it was a good outcome. There was a lot discussed and a few compromises along the way, but overall we felt it was a very positive AGM.

“There was recognition from our fellow promoters that the sport does need to change and move forward, and a lot of the decisions made really set us up to move the sport in the right direction.

“But these changes cannot happen over night. The sport is too big for that, like a big container ship at sea. It’s been travelling in one direction for so long that it will take time to change course.

“We have to respect the fact there are clubs and promoters at different stages of development and the sport has to cater to every situation to afford everyone opportunities to grow.

Hard work continues behind the scenes at the National Speedway Stadium as the winter period sets in, with plenty of exciting announcements on the horizon for the sport in Manchester.